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What an art!

August 26, 2014


Great isn’t it?
عظيمة أليس كذلك؟
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نعم تركتك!

August 23, 2014


هذا لأنه تدرك مكانتها العاليا ومكانته الاقل من السفلى!

مصدر الصورة من الفيس بوك

من اقوال فاروق جويدة

August 22, 2014


احبك حتى الموت!Love you till death

August 17, 2014


All of them pretend that he is ready to die for his lover, but only few who can at least live with her..!

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لا تعليق!

August 16, 2014


Can you turn the torture tool into a sacred one?

August 16, 2014


Jesus came for peace, no doubt that spiritually he was the king we all waited for, a man who were specially born and died too.

He was tortured on the cross, bleeding, and died on it. How come Christians took the tortured tool as a scared thing today? So proud of it and much worse saying: by the name of ‘the cross’ in our Arabic nation? I’m not sure if Europeans or Americans do the same. But when something scary happens they do point the four directions of the cross on their bodies as if it will make them safe???! Safe with a tortured tool?

I’m not disrespecting someone here, I just need people to think about it and be enlightened. OK it carried Jesus’s body but he never talked to it or celebrated it. It carried his pain…after all it was a piece of wood!
بأسم الصليب عليك! بأسم الخشبة!
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My house or my community? بيتي أم المجتمع؟

August 16, 2014


من الجميل جدا والرائع ان تخدم المجتمع، لكن هل خدمت بيتك اولا؟ عفوا، بيتي ينتظرني.

E. Translation for non Arabic: speakers:
It’s very good but great that you serve the community, but did you serve your house first?
Excuse me, my house is awaiting me.


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