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Weight Loss

July 11, 2009
Weight loss, who doesn’t notice his/her own weight? It’s very important to be confident about yourself. No matter what, don’t allow it to let you down, walk as if you are a model. If you are happy the way you look, that’s perfect, but consider your health in the future or even right now. Once my Itlaian friend told me; ”I’ve never known a woman who doesn’t want to lose weight” That’s true, we want to look our best plus have a high self-steem about our bodies. Me myself, have a fat stomach, fat hips and  fat upper arms, and can’t wear a dress, or wear one but hide my arms and my tummy with a scarf. People keep saying you’re not fat, but according to other great in-shape bodies, i wanna be like them. I think anyone can change his/her body, but it needs time and a very strong will.
I tried not to eat junk food, and rarely i go and eat out now, maybe once in a week to eat any fried thing, no soda drinks ( i already quit that 2 years ago). Hence, what i need is to exercise. Which i’m looking forward to join a gym very soon, or to maintain walking for at least 40m. every day. I have found this interesting website, that tells how much you should lose. I’m 158 cm and 54 kilos, it said my ideal weight should be 51, but recommended to be 47. Let me start today and ”You” start when you are ready, and don’t just delay the decision, once you make it, make a plan, set the period you want to lose weight in it and wait for the result, it won’t happen from night to day! I hope at Christmas i’ll get  my desired look, here is the website and Remember, start when you are ready. Good luck.
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