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August 9, 2009



    For my first interview, I was very lucky to have it with the first dancer I meet live, face to face, George. He is not just having a very attractive & full of life spirit, but also he has one of the most amazing smiles ever.

    He was born in Romania in 1979. He started to work as a bar tender and a pop dancer at the same time.  After that, he only worked as a pop dancer in 1995 (14 years ago), he was supported by his friends and family, but he learned how to dance at the age of 14. Being a dancer was a challenge for him, because he went to a competition and won over 100 competitors only him and other two persons, which was difficult to face. After that he started to go around the world for some dance performances with a kind of a band. Then he ended up working in five stars hotels.



    His passion to dance can be obviously seen when he dances Latino, with all those girls around him in the Latino lesson on the beach, and him spreading his lovely spirit to teach them how to move correctly, made all those girls happy, even when they get lost in the end. In addition, while dancing with his partner Tanya people were very happy and amazed by their great performance.

    He worked in four different countries, but after all, he wants to end up where he started in Romania. Where he said he wants to settle down and maybe to get back to his first job that he likes so much.  He also added, that he designs some dances and never feel bored of dancing, it’s kind of inspiring him for something, but not ready to scarify all he has for dancing.


   Right now, he is living in Egypt, in the Hilton with the animation team, which is the team responsible about the activities in the hotel. When I asked him, what do you like about Egypt? He answered touristic places. And he hopes when he gets back to his country or another country, that maybe to be in higher position and to settle down, this was his future dream. And also hopes for his kids to follow his foot steps every single day in their lives.

 I felt that he is very modest, not arrogant and not showing off, after all he is very honest person, even his eyes were talking too, and I felt that he is missing his home. Who doesn’t?


    George & *Sema are people I will never forget, their spirit gave me passion for life, passion to choose to be in a good mood when I feel bad. Thank you both for inspiring me. You have a place in me forever, i owe you.




 *Sema is the team manger that I’ll interview her on-line.

Pictures as shown were  taken by Sarah Hosney

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  1. geoanimation permalink
    August 10, 2009 9:03 am

    wow…very nice …i realy like it…nice photo…you are the best …take care of you

  2. muhammad jawad permalink
    August 25, 2009 4:26 pm

    its really nice…:D

  3. August 26, 2009 1:36 am

    Thank you Mr. Jawad.

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