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Civil Status Building

September 5, 2009

crowd3One of the most crowded buildings in Egypt is the civil status building. And sure for other governmental centers as well. Where there are a lot of people of a certain area or an area followed by another, must go to this place to make a birth certificate or an ID.

 While waiting outside, people pass in front of me in many directions. After 2 or 3 hours I’ve recognized the same people have been here together and maybe they came before me. We keep seeing each other in different floors, moving here and there, feeling lost and tired of waiting. I felt there is a connection creation in this place, same feelings and same question in our minds: when shall I get my papers done and leave?!!

The thing is, sometimes you meet some people you don’t know, and don’t even speak to each other, but you have something connected inside each one of you (if you have recognized it). Wouldn’t it be better to transfer this connection to someone who really needs to have a wonderful moment with us? Someone we know or we don’t know, this is not the point. The point is, to let this pure human being inside of us shine and spread these feelings around. Doing what should be done, right from the heart. Let’s start renewing our lives and to work our power of giving, even by the simplest thing which is a warm lovely smile that can leave a good impact or by giving a candy…

You can always refresh your life by some tiny stuff.


Picture refrence: Yahoo search.

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