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Would you like some one calling you FAT?

May 31, 2010

“I wish i can see a woman who doesn’t want to lose weight” said a friend of mine, Pietro. That is true, no woman wants to be fat and facing a lot of negative stuff affecting her life and others. It took me really long time to lose weight, people kept telling me you are not fat you don’t have to lose some kilos. On the other hand, most of them think that FAT is like over over weight. This is not true, even thin women says: Oh, I gained weight and I’m fat now!

One of the most difficult action in life is to lose weight and keep on having the desired shape you want. And even it’s offensive if you called someone Fat. It affects our self-esteem, us being positive and excited anytime we want, what we can’t wear, what we can’t have, date the man we can’t date, gaining respect by every single person, having fun, doing what we want. Being fat is just bad for healthier life.

More than one year ago when I wrote in here that I will be slim by Christmas, that didn’t happen. Instead, I gained 3 kilos because I started a new job, had no time to eat or cook healthy food and depended on pizza, chocolate and biscuits. At time I realized I gained 3 kilos instead of losing 7 kilos. I asked myself how did I gain weight? Then eliminated it right away with no mercy (or maybe 1 pack of biscuit per week) I said no to the sexy chocolate..oh that has such a happy taste. I started to hate it a little bit, fought not to have one bite. And then suddenly some one gifted me chocolate, and another one and another. Two of them in one month, the last was for my birthday..they were two I think. So I had to make an exception. By putting in mind if more happened and led to addiction I will never have the body I want. So I started to say: I appreciate your gift but I’m sorry it will gain me weight and I can’t do this.

I lost the 3 kilos right away. After eliminating chocolate and the sweet stuff, I realized I don’t eat healthy. I started eating boiled food, eliminated junk food & the company’s pizza. I lost 1 kilo. I have fat stomach and hips, what to do? Eat less, some workouts. Done, but for the work outs, a little bit lazy, but not lazy about at least 3 times/week for Yoga. I lost another kilo. I had to sort of hating food not to eat a lot, but eating less, when ever i need something sweet, best solution is ‘juice’, yes it has calories, but never will turn into fat!!

Now, for the past 4 days I have desires for eating 3 types of  food, one is burger with fries. But yet, I’m eating the less calorie one. I keep in my mind that still I have to lose 4 kilos to get the desired look, wear what I want, having a flat stomach, and gaining more and more of self-confidence and walk in the middle of the room with all eyes on me. Decide why you want to lose weight and start working on your plan, i wanna lose weight to gain more confidence and to wear tight shirts without fearing the fat stomach look.

Losing weight makes you feel happier, healthier and enjoying what you couldn’t see in your life, because you didn’t see what is beautiful in you. Do what ever it keeps you successful. If you happy being fat, then let others know that and keep up the good things 😉

**All pictures are from Yahoo search

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