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July 28, 2011

Did you ever feel cursed? I think we all must have felt it. But because we are literate people we just convince ourselves that scientifically, this is not right. Let me tell you what happened:


One day in the early morning, I couldn’t find bead to have breakfast, on my way to work, the driver came late, because one of the tires got punctured. Ok no problem. I went to work, and as I work in technical support and we get counted for the average handling time of the calls we get. The first 2  hours I only got mobile broadband calls, which requires a lot of time to be resolved. When I took my break, my new purse was cut. While eating i stained my pants like kids!! And that day I didn’t achieve any of my scores. At last, when I wanted to get back home…I couldn’t find any transportation easily because I missed my bus because I was working.

I was definitely cursed in that day, no one single good scene in it. I thought someone was cursed, but that week I wrapped myself up and said I will beat all of them, I’ll do what I want and I’m not cursed!! And the idea was totally of out my head – sometimes it comes back 😉


Picture was from Google search

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