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Two and a half men

August 5, 2011

Dear Blog:

I’ve just watched Two and a half men show and it was kinda funny today. I was watching it years ago and still can’t remember their names!

Anyway, the uncle felt in love with a woman and she had to travel to UK, he though he has forgotten her. He kept on dating very decent women, but each time, he sees Emily every where he goes. His brother is telling him its all illusions don’t believe it. And the woman that cleans his house kept saying you miss her very much, she was the only person that affected you, among all these women you’ve dated.


Suddenly he thought about traveling to UK to meet his beloved person. She wasn’t dating anyone, and was ready for him. When they went out for a warm beer, they expressed their feelings to one another;

-He just said: I couldn’t for get you

-She said: I love you.

-He replied: GREAT…so….

-She: So…??!!

-He: I don’t get you..!

-She: if you are here then we can’t stay like that we need to get married, you sell the house you have in America, and lets

buy a small house in a kids neighborhood for kids.

-He: …!!!!@#$$%$%&^#@!!!

-She: You want to have kids right??


And then the airplane was back to the US. He had feelings for her, and didn’t want to marry her, BTW she  wasn’t illusions, she dressed like some other people so he can see her everywhere and miss her. So, he loved her, he paid for the ticket, but didn’t want her to be her wife or to have kids from her! That is mean. But it happens in real life either from men or women. But why the hell did he buy that ticket and traveled? I don’t understand men, they are soooo moody….just like us! Ha Ha ( it was in the series too)

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