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Who is that person??

August 10, 2011

Who is that person that I have become? Where is that face that used to laugh most of the time? I used to be…some one cheerful, someone inspires laughs all the time.Busy at work, attending lectures, not studying, stopped cleaning, lost interest in a lot of stuff..what’s wrong with you girl? What is happening? Realizing that you are not responsible for your own and have duties too? Realizing that you’re no longer a kid that evvvverybody has to pamper?

What the hell I’ve been doing? What am I doing now? Is this the change? People say stuff about me saying it but I..I..don’t even remember!

What happened last week?

  1. My work shifts started at 3:45 which was so unusual, as I could not manage my sleeping hours, I started to clean the house, do laundry
  2. Did not study
  3. Stopped exercising
  4. No meditation
  5. A little more of watching TV
  6. Chatting sometimes on the phone
  7. Checking Facebook every once and a while
  8. Shopped, food shopping…

And the result was: Less productivity at work, not studying, got more social life>>unsatisfactory results.

What’s the new plan then?

I need to meditate, that’s what i need to do, YES that’s what I must do before I sleep tonight.

Any other projects?

  1. Tomorrow will study
  2. Will join a gym next month
  3. What are you going to do mean while?
  4. I will exercise everyday or meditate, average of 30 min in the morning
  5. Will study everyday when i get back from work at least 1 hour
  6. clean before I sleep, or wake up, at least any cleanliness movement per day
  7. Will make some one smile, anybody, at least 1 person per day
  8. Say small prayer in the morning(will try it out)
  9. What if you failed to reach all these goals? Then I will have to punish myself, no shopping for 2 whole weeks, spending max 50 pounds(for daily needs or something)
  10. Today is the 9th of Aug, after one month I need to see satisfactory results. I wanna be good at work, at university, at house, try to maintain sociability as much as I can
  11. Remember: nothing is impossible, its all about releasing this stress, balancing and managing life, stay happy, clean inside out. Make others happy and just do all what makes me happy too. I won’t hate my body, I’m not very fat I admit that I a
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  1. August 9, 2012 8:46 pm

    Oh i still remember that article of mine. I didn’t do most of it but in my career and studying i did well

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