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August 4, 2013

And I cry….can anyone hear me? Is any body there? Any body? Any body at all? And who cares…no one! Deep sarrow, pain and thousands of words yet have no name. I stopped crying but my eyes are wet….my tongue is tied, my voice has gone and my breath has no end. I started to cry again, wished to break glasses and all around me, but my sadness and angriness don’t have to the violance a way. This is’nt about a heart break…it is about a girl who has just have  life break…shock..most of all…a grave! I …am… a woman….screaming and crying to gain…gain my rights as a human live as a person…to be protected…here I go again…crying..deeply…and what can I say? I live it all by my own…no shoulder or chest to lay..on and make it feels like it’s okay….fake friends..fake family..un chosen to pretend…pretend to love and support…but when I’m down…I’m just all by my own…afraid to call my beloved, not to make them worry. Am I sorry? Sorry for who? My pain or my parents or my fake people or myself? I’m sorry I thought that family meant every beautiful thing in the world. I’m sorry I believed their lies, I’m sorry I listened to the misleading ways, I’m sorry when I obeyed, I’m sorry for the wrong beliefs you forced me to believe. I’m sorry for myself who just woke up… I’m sorry I thought they cared. Family is not what I was born to find them…family is who I create…My true friends, are the completed brain puzzle of mine…I can hardly bereathe…is it the end?
Welcome to death…you will release me…don’t cry my friend…I will be in a better place…where I will have my soul sent…and you will go on, with no looking back…don’t say its sad…just go on and remember our happy hours…hours that you will always remember…remember that my dears and I will be always here. . .

Started to finish 03/08/2013 @ 23:51


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