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I’m pregnant!!

August 4, 2013


I’m pregnant…..I wonder how it feels when first knowing or even in the 7th month and hide it from my family or people! Its a very natural situation for any woman, especially if married. It is expected at any time, any where in the world and under a supervision of a doctor or so. Hence, scientifically just a look or a WOW word won’t impact that pregnant woman. And for sure her doctor keeps updating her with the situation of the baby, in terms of health, size and so on. Then why hiding it? Even educated women does hide it! Well, for me, if I ever got pregnant I sure will hide it, to protect my baby from eyes and talks especially my family-cousins! Sure I was mocking them, if I ever felt  small creature moving in my stomach, sure I will feel confused how will I manage my life, how to teach and raise a baby, how can I save the baby some pictures and good momories to remember 🙂

I bet the subject brought you here, please keep checking my blog and comment. Thank you :-D, be pregnant, proud  and enjoy 🙂

Article written in: 30/07/2013
Picture source: Google

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