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August 30, 2013

Why everybody is afraid to die, or just mentioning it…is evil…not even allowed to talk about it. We will all die, it is just about the timing…we don’t know it. I am not afraid to die, in fact I sometimes wish it, it might be peaceful and has more mercy. People live their lives, reaching 70 or 80…then they regret the life they lived, or wished they have done more…I’m not sure what life wants from me…what is the best for me….or even the worst….just living…working, sleeping, eating and restart it again. Stuck in my country…no place for ambitious people, in fact….there is barely a place for everyone. Almost no home.. if my home is not enough, then there is no other homes out there.

Home is where you make it! Where??? How and when? We fight for everything, fighting for the least rights, for being a human and my right to be a woman. Fight to have my own thoughts, beliefs…my own me…!! I wish I die soon, or anytime, I am just ready..maybe it will be painful, but who can fight? I think I have done enough..don’t need anything more..don’t need anything more!

No one is satisfied: poor, rich, thin, fat, young, old, female, male….what is the point of living if we are not happy?
What is the point of living if dieing….what is the point of having empty mind, or to be a stupid copying fool idiot!
They always say there is hope. Yes there is…but when I strech my arm…I only catch the air..Will I ever see that day of hope and freedom? Will I ever get to see my grand children and tell them about me? And teach them not to follow others even their parents and only use their minds…will I ever get the chance to teach anyone that we are born free without any clothes or stupid traditions? Most of all…will I ever live?. ..!


Picture source: sarcastic me!

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