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Your approval doesn’t matter!

September 18, 2013

I’m seeking mind, thoughts and thinkers, don’t blame me for using my gifts. Go blame your humanity if you think copying orders, traditions, religions, or else is cancelling your humanity. We are not born to be copiers….thats for the computers, we are born to use our minds and LIVE Living is not about a career or hot bodies and smokes…it is always a question that always make people wonder till today, what worth living and what are we doing in this life, why there is life and death, why to live and will die in the end?!

Picture source: le me in Sharm El shiek Egypt

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  1. Mikel permalink
    September 19, 2013 12:32 am

    We are not born to be copiers 🙂 ……

    • September 19, 2013 12:35 am

      We are born for many reasons, and the main is to use the brain

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