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The ironic situation of Egyptians

December 8, 2014


Now I know why Egyptians who are abroad keep talking nicely about Egypt and acting like heros.
Egypt ‘was’ a very good country in the past. Its civilization impressed the entire ancient civilizations and when we had royalty.

Now we still have beautiful scenes and places. But compared to the entire space, thats few. Everything is going wrong here, medical expenses, education, transportation, human rights or any rights at all, corrupted media and governmental agencies, everyone wants a bribery, no descent living, no good jobs, no appreciation for hard workers, actually no place for them, instead of promotion and motivation they get insulted, quit, or leave.

Once my cousin said it, Egypt is no longer a place for living, its only for tourism. How do we live? We keep saying we have our family members alive, we still can eat, have health, have any job, thank the lord and ‘hoping’ what’s next is better.

Do you think suffering everyday, facing humiliation and accept it, is something accepted towards what a man has achieved in the 21st century?
Do you think after all the technology evolution we can only hold it as mobiles or tablets and us as humans are going backwards?

And after all, someone is living in a foreigner country having all the ‘natural human benefits-that we don’t have any’ saying I love my country and loyal-not only that but fighting the people who are saying the truth about Egypt where the situation is very bad?

The only right we have now is to live, like any ‘other’ living organism. We fight everyday working dirty jobs to get money for: food and I can’t say water because if you don’t buy a filter you will surely end up having kidney or liver problems. We are still in the first level in Maslow’s pyramid of needs….and struggling.

Are we patients? Very, but started to run out of it
Are we accepting it? Elders do because they accepted it and lived most of their lives, no dreams no ambitions.
What about youth? Elders are pushing us to accept it, but we chose happiness, dignity, life and that’s why we feel the pain, we feel that we pay our lives, time and age everyday with no valuable return, almost no return at all. Keep convincing that our situation is better than other countries but even their situation is wrong too. Why comparing wrong by wrong?
That’s why youth are leaving. And who left can’t come back. All what they have is some fake feelings towards the country. Why do they come back and visit? Only to visit families, friends and the red sea.
To all fakers: fAke you!
The ironic end!

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