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Happy Anniversary…bloggie :D

July 11, 2015


Oh my goodness, it has been 6 years?
Ok, I gotta talk about it. First, when I started this blog, my idea was to share crafts with people. Then, I started to interview people, take some photos, write, explore things, and more. Each year was unique. …despite the bad memories…and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

And it did make me a stronger person no doubt about it. 6 years ago, when I have just graduated, I was an innocent girl, lacking life experiences, social relationships, and many things matter fact.

I joined a multinational company the same year. I learnt a lot of things. Corporate life is really dirty, despite the dirtyness, but it was a school and a basic education after college.
I learnt a looooot of things, I dedicated my life for work and how to deal with people, how to grow up being more mature. Of course, with the help of few great people like my ex boss. Best relationships ever are the ones that invest in you. I would never forget that man and what he has done for me, he is like a God.

So, each year something has changed in me, specially the last 2.5 years. I was totally transformed, grew up to be more mature, knowing more about life, my needs, who to keep, and who to kick out of my life. I remember that once I had no true friends and this blog supported me really good!

I’m so glad about what I have achieved. I’m so proud of who I have become.
Life doesn’t wait for anything, why should I wait?
I live, I develop….my principle this year. Proudly and maybe its arrogant from me to announce, but I affected lives ….. positively, with love, respect and presenting a good example. I’m glad I taught a lot of kids to be creative and independent.

Will this stop? No, nothing stops, we keep on moving toward more goals and life values.

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