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Free from poisons!

December 21, 2015


It has been an entire week with no Facebook access. I started gradually. It really feels like drugs…you get more addicted every hour. We should control it, not the opposite. We should not let the road be our driver as Celine Dion​ Said. I stopped it gradually till I stopped it completely. What did I miss? Only one thing, when asking about info or related. Rest of none sense crap…no. I’m no longer interested. I’m reading a new book: Bad Science – Ben Goldacre. It was referred by uncle Hussain-my role model, and more of doing some family stuff.
Dear Facebook​…I’m cured from your addiction
Mission started: 8th of November. Mission accomplished: 20th of Dec.
Next mission: use Facebook moderately and no need for time waste or none sense posts…..we have busy lives already and life trends are running so fast….let’s run too 😉


I’ll write more details later, expressing more…

Goodnight 🙂

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