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Changing coaches?

January 24, 2016

I always loved Shaun T, now my home coach is a female…I got used to males. But I find myself more pushed or attracted to her instructions. Julie Voris is good too. I found this amazing blog : SoreyFitness talking about my current workout routine. It explains it all. I liked that we have yoga, what I don’t like that she doesn’t teach you the poses names, unlike Shaun T he always teaches you them. In General, I like her.

Today I did lower body workout and Yoga bec. I didn’t train yesterday…I was too exhausted, here is what I did:

Total workout time ith breaks : 80min

Actual time without breaks and pauses: 52.35min

In Zone:16.55

Calories burnt from workout:639

Total Calories burnt in all during the workout and breaks:1014.35

High hate rate: 185

Average HR:142

Thank you



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