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How do you value life?

January 30, 2016



If you only want to have kids just to be called mom and dad, welcome to parent’s failure. You need to raise them well educated and with good manners. Which take a lot of caring time, effort and patience. not just to rely on somebody to do you the job. As a teacher, I’ve seen a lot of examples who failed to be parents, neglecting their kids, thinking that buying them expensive stuff or having a nanny would replace their roles as parents in their lives. I also have seen a lot of busy parents who spend more than 14 hours outside the house for work- which is a reasonable purpose for not spending time with their children – but when they get back home and actually start spending time…they don’t spend time, they spend money. What are you raising your child for? Valuing time or money and expensive things? Not because you have to work and afford living you get back to your children and buying them things, shopping should be a part of life, not life! Please be careful about these points, teach your children to be creative and value time, stop pampering for no reason, stop letting them watch T.V instead of reading a book or doing a hobby.

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