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March 10, 2016


Hello world…
In January I intended to gain 4 kilos, back where I started and took me two years to lose the, I gained them in 10 days with only 1 cheat meal every other day!!!!
When I started to workout to lose them, it seemed impossible, I was>>what did I do to myself?!
I was sure I wanted to lose the fats I gained. In February, I went for a vacation, 1 week vacation…with open buffet and no training. I gained another 2 kilos!! Everybody noticed how fat I was getting, and for sure people were happy for that as they are fat!!!
This month I’m not working out regularly, but I just measured to find myself this morning lost 2 kilos! to be 54! I’m a bit happy.
When you are surrounded by family or with open buffet, you keep on eating like a pig, as it makes you feel happy and you take loooong time eating and chewing more delicious sweets!
Watch your weight regularly, at least twice a week I would say! Lessen your sugar intakes, even if you eat a lot of fruits…still count. Also lessen your carbs and workout, this is my advice to you. You will fall in love with your new shape and how much you can wear all of those pretty dresses/clothes.
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