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My massage story and How to Master Doing Massage

March 13, 2016

Here Is my story with massaging:

Ever since I was a child, I was forced to massage my aunt who was exhausted from her daily work routine. After a long day for her and no exercise, I was her solution. Hence, I’ve been massaging her since I was like 7 or 8. By the time I grew up, I think when I was 17, someone introduced reflexology to me, it was pretty exciting and guess what? To self massage myself! 

My other aunt, who is a doctor was surprised, it was her first time seeing someone doing a massage to herself! It was funny too.

When I reached 21 I had to go to a physical therapy because of my long hours stay in the office, I had deep shoulder and neck pain. And I wasn’t working out at that time, only  10 minutes of yoga daily and eventually they were not helping. I realized that working out is keeping me away from shoulder and neck pain, even after I worked as a teacher. Almost everyone has pain in those areas.

As a lot of people have shoulder and neck pain, I continue doing them massage. Not only that, I make them stretch and strengthen their necks, teaching them how to do it themselves. I was asked from one of my friends if I can do it as a professional and work it as a business, but I answered that is no way. As I have to bend my body a lot, ending up I will be in more pain if I did it more often everyday…for a lot of hours. However, I can do like 5-10 sessions a week.

I would thank my aunt for forcing me when I was child, I grew up with a skill, not everyone has, plus….its pain releasing. 

This morning I found one of my dearest tagging me in ta post that has those amazing pictures, lucky I knew a lot of them, but I needed to learn more. I would love sharing them with you and hope you can apply it.

Here are the pictures to show you…

Pictures source: Facebook
































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