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Where to Go in Egypt?

August 26, 2016


mummy room (egyptian museum)
egyptian museuem
citadel of salah al-din
sultan hassan
pharonic village
cairo twoer
6th october memorial
abdeen palace museum
house of zainab khatun
bab el-nasr and bab el-fotouh
sehemy home
house of jamal al-din
tomb of mohammed aly
virgin mary tree
al-rifai mosque
mosque of sultan hassan
bashtak palace
nafisa al-bayda monument
house of el set wasila
el ghoury agency house
bab zuweila (medieval gate)
joseph well
el ashraf bresbay school
abu sir necropolis
matarya’s obelisk


Around Cairo

the new tombs at saqqara
dahshur pyramids
giza pyramids
2nd pyarmid (inside)
sakkara (main site)
solar boat  




alexandria national memorial
castle qaitbay day
castle qaitbay night
al anfoushy tombs
roman amphitheater




valley of kings
valley of queens
karnak temple
luxor temple
hapu temple
luxor museum
mummy museum
statue of meritamun
tomb of ramses vi
tutankhamun’s tomb
menna w nakhet tomb
babaza tomb
deir el-medina tombs
el asasif temple
ramos tomb
valley of the queens
medinet habu (temple)
nefrtari tomb
tomb of ay
necropolis of el khokha
tombs of the princes (deir el-bahari )
kalabsha temple
hore moheb tombs
tomb of roy
merneptah temple
open-air museum at karnak


Around Luxor


esna temple
dendera temple



high dam
monastery of saint simeon


Around Aswan

temple of abu simbel


Middle Egypt

fraser tombs
bani hassan tomb
tal el amarna tombs
tona el gabal & ashmoneen
tomb of akhenaton
hawara pyramid
maidum pyramid
meer tombs


Other regions


abo el dahab mosue
citadel of salah al-din taba
christian cemetary of el bagawat

ayn asil
el arish national museum




**Be ware that prices always change.


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