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Just a flashback…

August 15, 2017

I just took this from my profile 😀


I was born in Egypt in 1989. I’ve just graduated from business administration-accounting section. And I would like to do a lot of things in my blog, which I hope you find lovable.
July, 2009.

Now I’m preparing MBA, got a job, trying to do some handmade stuff but all just in my mind…thoughts…don’t want them to become memory. I will have to create, to improve my thinking. Wish me luck

June, 2011

I had to stop my studies bec of work. I’m trying to discover myself more
Sept 2013

Years 2013-2014 turned out to be the most important years in my life so far. A new change is not easy, letting go of your fears is one of the most challenging situations in life
Oct 2014

It has been a year I haven’t posted anything, work life and family life has pushed me far away from almost everything I love!
August 2017


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